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A smoother climb to altitude with aligned venture debt

Fast, fair, and efficient investment with minimal equity dilution. Clearway offers immediate capital and strategic venture advisory for longterm value creation.

Access efficient and non-dilutive investment.


Clearway is your inflight refueling.

We are endlessly impressed by what the companies we lend to are building and the vision that guides teams from idea to formation, formation to business plan, execution to scale.


We dive deeply into every firm and strive to glimpse the world made possible by the vision that defines each one of you. We see our role as

offering in-flight refueling to those of you who are charting new flight paths while testing new materials and methods of navigation.

Our mission is to smooth your climb to altitude with aligned venture debt. We make our process painless, fast and fair. This frees you up to access the capital you need so you can get back to business building.

Why venture debt?

With the right terms venture debt can not only be a founder's lifeline, but it can also propel a company into achieving greater valuation in subsequent rounds at minimal equity dilution.

Fuel growth

With minimal equity dilution, venture debt provides effective growth capital.


Accelerate operations

Focus on next round milestones with immediate increased liquidity.


Increase valuation

Go into your next round with the leverage to secure optimal valuation.


Align with Clearway

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Partnering with us

We dive deeply into each firm we invest in and create strategic alignments that far outreach capital allocation alone. A few benefits specific to Clearway's structured venture debt are:

Growth capital with minimal equity dilution

Extend runway to achieve next milestones

Bridge to next round with entry at higher valuation

Strengthen balance sheet and enhance liquidity

Achieve a healthier and cost-efficient capital structure

Venture debt can be subordinated with senior bank debt

Series A or Series B+

Revenue Target in range of $5M

Solid equity sponsorship

Proprietary product, niche, competitive advantage

Strong, consistent growth

Clear path to +EBITDA within 24 months

Loan to demonstrable enterprise value < 35%

Invested debt to equity typically of 1:2

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Criteria for investment

We partner with strong founding and management teams who possess a clear focus on future growth paths for company and product. Basic attributes include:

Strong management teams

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